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What makes Nurgi Birding Ethiopia different?

  • Nurgi Birding Ethiopia is a company that exclusively offers and organizes bird watching holidays in Ethiopia.
  • Birding always comes primarily in our objectives.
  • We are specialists in searching out the Ethiopian endemics and we really take you close to where they are.
  • We are one of a few local companies to have experienced ornithologists/guides with expertise and local knowledge. Many have been working with various foreign bird watching companies. On the other hand, Negussie Toye, the owner of Nurgi Birding Ethiopia, has worked passionately in Ethiopia’s bird watching tourism for the past over 25 years in which he became one of the top birding guides in the country.

Nurgi Birding Ethiopia, an Ethiopian-based bird watching tourcompany, passes on a portion of its profits to conservation efforts by aiding in the protection of the rare and globally threatened endemic species, the Abyssinian Woodpecker. All of the profit from a one-week birding tour in October goes directly to the Bale Mountains National Park, one of the ten top birding sites in Africa.
In addition to our scheduled tours, we can arrange package and private trips at any time of the year upon request. Please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will be happy to build a professional birding itinerary that fits with your requirements

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